Five Year Re-Test (M-5)

  • Perform initial leak check, flare off & kill unit
  • Remove safety relief valve(s) for testing
  • Visually inspect tank internally and wire brush all welds for MPI testing
  • Perform Magnetic Partical Inspection
  • Fill and test unit Hydrosatically
  • Drain dry and reinstall safety relief valves
  • Clean inside & close
  • Decal & document
  • Includes new manway gasket, studs & nuts

Other Services

  • Weldex can perform repairs to storage vessels and transports, whether in the field or in our facility.
  • Weldex is ASME & TSSA Certified pressure vessel piping, welding & repairs facility
  • Complete Testing Facility: MC & TC 331 & 330 transports for NH3 LPG + Co2 complying with CSA B620 & CFR 49
  • Upper coupler, MPI, hose testing. Emergency Shutdown system installations and repairs
  • Plumbing leak repairs, including valves and pumps etc.
  • Visual & leak check inspections
  • Hose testing
  • Internal/external repairs